What is xAPI and are you ready for data-driven learning?

xAPI and data are two buzzwords I’m hearing a lot lately in L&D circles, but what is xAPI and how can it help us create data-driven learning solutions?

In this episode of #AskLeX, I’m talking to Josh Humphries who is the Founder and CEO of Guroo Producer.

I met Josh at an IDeL Meetup where he was presenting an introduction to xAPI.

To date, Josh is one of the few people I know who can explain xAPI and it’s capabilities to me in a way that I understand!

Most of the information I’ve come across is focused on the technical aspect of xAPI vs SCORM rather than the practical application of xAPI for learning solutions so I wanted to create a post that breaks down the basics for learning designers.

In this video interview, Josh shares with us how xAPI technology enables us to use data to personalise learning journeys, improve learner engagement and show direct links from learning to business impact via a real-time ROI dashboard!

Sound good?! Watch the video and find out more…

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