The Risky Relationship Between Curation and Copyright

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing the Australian Copyright Council’s Executive Director, Fiona Phillips, for our next Immersion virtual summit: Curation Debunked.

Copyright symbolWith the sea of content freely available online, just waiting to be curated, copyright is something that needs to be taken into account to ensure we as curators are not putting our organisations at risk of copyright infringement.

Fiona shared some great tips and resources with us in this interview (listed underneath the video) that you can access from the Australian Copyright Council’s website.

Here are the questions I asked Fiona:

  • Can you give us a quick overview of what copyright is and what it protects?
  • This virtual event is all about how we in L&D can take existing content and curate it for use as learning experiences in our organisations. As we all know there is a sea of content online on free platforms like YouTube that give us the ability to embed and share that content easily – and in most cases that’s what the authors of that content want. It’s rare to see any kind of terms and conditions of use on that content, so can we just use it?
  • Can I just link to a piece of content?
  • When preparing for this session, we spoke briefly about layers of copyright – can you please elaborate on that for the audience?
  • Is there a difference in use of content in relation to copyright if I am using, say within an organisation for internal training, rather than in a product I am looking to sell?
  • If I don’t have any budget to pay for a copyright license or the time to wait to seek permission to use the content, are there any places I can go to find content I can use without permission or payment?

Registrations for Immersion: Curation Debunked are now open and full content will be accessible from Friday 5th August.

Australian Copyright Council Resources

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