Social Collaboration & Learning: An Interview with Clark Quinn

For this month’s Immersion event I had the pleasure of interviewing Clark Quinn Ph.D. of Quinnovation.

Last week we released a snippet of Clark’s interview and have now decided to release the full video to share his insights and tips on the topic of social collaboration and learning.

Here’s the questions I asked Clark:

  1. Why do you think social learning is such a hot topic at the moment when working together in group learning activities is not a new thing?
  2. What benefits are there for organisations who embrace it?
  3. Can you highlight for me what you consider constitutes good social learning?
  4. Through your career, you’ve no doubt seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to introducing social learning into organisations. Of the “ugly” case studies are there common reasons for failure?
  5. If we are looking to work and learn more socially, is there a danger that the non-social portion of the workforce could miss out, i.e. in a face-to-face situation you have introverts and online you have lurkers? Does that then become a more complex issue around organisational culture rather than just learning?
  6. You have a deep understanding of cognitive science. I think this is important in our field because if we understand more about cognition then we can step outside of existing – and sometimes outdated – learning methodologies and practices to achieve better outcomes. This is obviously quite a deep topic, but are you able to share with us some basic principles of cognition that can be applied in a social learning environment to improve the experience and outcomes?
  7. We’re all about the “doing” here, so while I appreciate the need for strategy and planning, I think our industry often gets paralysed by theory and methodology and we’re missing out on the valuable learnings that come from just doing it and working out loud. So what can people do now to start the ball rolling with social learning in their organisations that won’t require a business case or big budget?
  8. For L&D practitioners looking to delve a bit deeper into social learning, what steps would you suggest they take or what resources would you recommend?

Registrations are now open for Immersion June 16 and virtual doors to the event open Friday 3rd June.  All content is recorded and access is unlimited.  #LDImmersion


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