The Learning Professional’s Career Booster Playbook

33 ways to
kick-start or revitalise your learning career

Contents include:

  • Methods and places to educate yourself
  • Links to online communities to get connected
  • Simple changes you can make right now and longer term, slow burn activities for lasting impact
  • Strategies for networking, blog writing, podcasting and more.
learning professional

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About the Author

Hi, I’m Karen Moloney, Founder and Director of Learning eXperts.

I’ve been in the learning & development industry for over 25 years working with organisations all around the world. Throughout that time, I’ve learnt a lot about the industry and the people in it.

Learning professionals don’t always have the most straightforward career paths. Often we find ourselves falling into our roles somewhat accidentally.

And with many of us working as contractors or in small teams we don’t always have access to supportive management who encourage professional development.

Without this clear career progression, it can be tricky to navigate the ins and outs of our industry, to find the right path and to elevate our skills in the areas that will make a real difference.

For years I’ve had friends, colleagues and acquaintances get in touch with me asking for tips, recommendations and resources around this very topic.

I’ve created this simple Playbook following a popular blog post I wrote a while back compiling my top tips on how to boost your learning career.

The advice and tips in this Playbook can be applied to any stage of your career whether you’re just starting out or have been in the industry for years. It’s my hope that you’ll keep this as a guide as you grow through the many seasons of your career and apply the tips across the years.

Read it and share it with any learning (and not-yet-learning) professionals you know who could use a helping hand figuring out the next step in their career.