Learning & Development Events AU/NZ July 2017

Author: Karen Moloney

month on a page calendar for July 2017

Here’s the scoop on L&D industry educational events for July.

For August events & beyond, please view the calendar on our website.

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1: Twitter chat: #GuildChat
4: Fishbowl Discussion Sydney: Agile Practices & Principles in Organisations
5: Twitter chat: #ldnights
6: Moodle Administrator Workshop, Sydney
6: Twitter chat: #PKMChat
7: Moodle Course Creator Workshop, Sydney
7: Twitter chat: #lrnchat
7: Twitter chat: #ldinsight
8: Twitter chat: #GuildChat
12: Twitter chat: #ldnights
13: Twitter chat: #PKMChat
14: Twitter chat: #lrnchat
14: Twitter chat: #ldinsight
15: Twitter chat: #GuildChat
19: Twitter chat: #ldnights
20: ITC Learning Lectora Road Show, Sydney
20: Twitter chat: #PKMChat
21: Twitter chat: #lrnchat
21: Twitter chat: #ldinsight
22: Twitter chat: #GuildChat
26: Forward Government Learning, Melbourne
26: Twitter chat: #ldnights
27: ITC Learning Lectora Road Show, Canberra
27: Twitter chat: #PKMChat
28: Twitter chat: #lrnchat
28: Twitter chat: #ldinsight
29: Twitter chat: #GuildChat

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