L&D professional development events update: May 2019

Next month is a busy one in NZ with our friends at Bloom Learning Technologies presenting events in Auckland including: eLearnz Virtual Web Summit and eLearnz eLab. They are also hosting 70:20:10 guru Charles Jennings for workshops on value based learning & development and capability-building for L&D and HR as well as a breakfast panel on Building a Culture of Learning, including guest speaker Dr Sydney Savion, Air NZ Capability Manager.  There are still a few tickets left, so why not hop on over to Auckland, learn something new and make some new friends!

Still in NZ, we have the Lego Serious Play Facilitator training in Christchurch and at various locations around Australia are Meetups and xAPI breakfast briefings – make sure you eat your Weetbix for those!

Online, there are the regular live Twitter chats (if you haven’t joined one of these yet, get onto it!) and webinars on personalising the learning experience, the business case for learning and Extended DISC Accredited Practitioner.

Featured Events

eLearnz eLab Auckland: 15-16 May

Trends move so quickly in this digital age.  L&D Professionals must keep up-to-date and informed with the latest technology, trends and techniques or risk being left behind.  eLab’s hands-on workshops will allow you to get out of the office and take time to play with new tech and learn low cost and free tools to help create engaging elearning.  eLab has been a runaway success over the last two years in Auckland and we are proud to be partnering with Bloom Learning Technologies to promote its third year.

The format 
eLearnz eLab is 2 days of 6 hands-on mini workshops, with the focus on the latest in digital learning trends, technology and design.  You will work with thought leaders during these sessions where you will actively create digital learning. You will go away with up-to-date training methods that you can put into practice immediately back at your organisation and pass along to your team.

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Learning Tech at Work – Tuesday 14th May

eLearnz 2019 is a virtual Web Summit that brings together the world’s top learning tech speakers.

The virtual Web Summit consists of five international speakers throughout the day. You can watch as many as you like or register to watch all 5. Each session also allows for interactive Q&A. All sessions will be recorded so if you are unable to make it on the day please do register as the recording will be sent to all attendees.

The speakers include:

  • Donald H Taylor, Chairman, The Learning and Performance Institute UK – 2019 Learning Results and Trends (2019 L&D Global Sentiment Survey)
  • Amy Brann, Synaptic Potential The Human Tech Side of Digital Transformation – Boosting Performances with Change ReadinessNQ
  • Gary Cookson, EPIC Successful Digital Transformation – Successful Digital Transformation
  • Rohan Chandler, Head of Content, GO1 – Technology and Curation in the Rapidly Changing World of Corporate Training
  • Dr Robin Petterd, Sprout Labs – How can L&D become more data driven?

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Manager to Leader: The NeuroTREAD Solution

How to Think, Regulate, Engage, Adapt & Develop with the brain in mind

with Kristen Hansen

Early Bird price until 18th of May $495 AUD (full price $695 AUD)

Join Kristen Hansen for a full day workshop to learn how to build awareness of your Management vs Leadership approach to your team. Assess yourself as Manager vs Leader.

Manager to Leader workshop is derived from the NeuroTREAD framework.

TREAD stands for Think, Regulate, Engage, Adapt and Develop with the brain in mind. NeuroTREAD aims to transform you into an agile leader of change and performance through those key areas.

This is what you’ll learn:

  • THINK: Understand core brain functions and what impacts decision making, problem-solving and peak mental performance
  • REGULATE: Understand the brain’s emotional triggers and how to regulate emotions, manage stress and build resilience.
  • ENGAGE: Learn the key to enhanced engagement, understand the brain’s social motivators, and how to effectively motivate teams.
  • ADAPT: Understand the brain’s resistance to, and capability of, change (neuroplasticity) and how this applies to leading through change and developing change in others.
  • DEVELOP: Understand the keys to the brain’s ability to learn and develop. We will focus on our GROW WISE model for effective goal setting and feedback through brain-based coaching.

Bonus: Receive a signed copy of Kristen Hansen’s book: TRACTION The Neuroscience of Leadership and Performance

This workshop is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning more about the Neuroscience behind the personal & professional performance
  • People & Culture Leaders, HR Managers and L&D Directors
  • Senior Executives and CEO’s wanting to gain a deeper understanding of how this education may add value to their teams.

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