How 3 universities are taking online learning to the next level

The Frontier of Online Learning in Australian Higher Education: How 3 universities are taking online learning to the next level to drive a personalised student experience

Businessman hand touching going up sign on lift control panelIn order to change the way we do things, we sometimes need to step out of our world, look at what’s going on around us and see what we can take back to improve our way of working and thinking.

Let’s step into the world of higher education…

As the student demand for online learning continues to soar, there is no doubt that the way that we teach and learn is set to further transform in the coming years.

But what steps are universities across Australia actually take to ensure their approach to online learning can transform the student learning experience into something which is fulfilling, rewarding and personalised?

To answer this question, Higher Ed IQ have compiled an exclusive eBook ahead of the 3rd Annual Online and eLearning Summit 2018 which explores how three universities are transforming their online learning models to remain relevant to today’s student.

READ FULL eBOOK: How 3 Universities are taking online learning to drive personalised student experience

Read the eBook to learn more about how:

  • Deakin University is developing and implementing FutureLearn – a MOOC which aims to create a real-world learning experience for students
  • Charles Sturt University is engaging students through new interactive and adaptive online learning experiences
  • Sydney University is using data to help build engaging student-teacher connections to improve online learning engagement
  • And much more…

Learn more at the Online and eLearning Summit 2018

The 3rd Annual Online and eLearning Summit 2018 features 15+ expert speakers from Monash University, University of Sydney, Deakin University, QUT, Silkwood School and more who provide strategies focused on developing an innovative digital learning strategy to ensure a high quality online learning experience. The summit aims to:

  • Increasing Student Centricity in Course Design: cleverly using new technologies to provide students with an education which is personalised and engaging
  • Engaging the Educator to Enhance Course Implementation: maximising the investment of the educator with the online platform to improve student outcomes
  • Assessing the Course Structure for Improved Student Engagement and ROI: reinventing the structure of education to make it more suitable for today’s student

View the program learn about all sessions, speaker lineup, case studies and more

If this event is of interest, you can register online or contact  +61 2 9229 1000 for more information.