Fair Go Policy

Fair Go Policy2019-04-13T13:57:44+00:00

We created the Find an eXpert Marketplace to make it easy for businesses to find providers and for providers to present themselves to potential clients on a platform that is dedicated to supporting the Learning & Development industry.

Our ratings system allows visitors to our site to leave star ratings and optional comments for providers they have used in the past so that others can share in their experience.

The ratings system has been included to help potential clients differentiate between providers and for providers who are offering great products, services and customer service to be recognised.

While we offer the opportunity for visitors to leave their ratings on this platform, we believe that feedback – good and bad – should be a direct communication between client and provider and we want both parties to be equally represented in this public online space.

All ratings left on our website will be subject to the Fair Go policy guidelines below.

  1. Ratings can be given using the star system (mandatory) and comments (optional).
  2. All ratings will be moderated and email notifications sent to LX and the provider in  order to:
    • ensure the quality of ratings left and delete any spam
    • alert the vendor of feedback on their product or service.
  3. In the case of negative comments, the rating will be held in moderation and the provider has 48 hours to contact the visitor directly to discuss and, where possible, resolve the issue.
  4. Providers then have the opportunity to provide a response to the comment.
  5. Star ratings will be published in all instances of good and bad feedback.
  6. LX reserves the right not to publish comments or responses which it considers to be inappropriate or detrimental to either the reviewer or the provider.

Please contact us if you have any questions or experience any issues through the ratings system.