Melbourne November ILP Meetup – The Past, Present & Future of Facilitation

This event has passed.

The Institute for Learning Professionals (ILP) is the leading NFP association for the advancement of the Future of Learning and hold regular meetups around Australia..

In Melbourne these run on the first Thursday of each month.

With the November Topic being:

The Past, Present and Future of Facilitation

For many years now, training delivery has not been about a presenter standing in from of a class, and extolling knowledge and skills to participants. These days professional and personal development takes many forms and formats, and expert facilitation remains one of the crucial skills needed to successfully ensure learning transfer.

For our 7 November event Kevin Balm, Director at Participative Technologies is going to share his experience and insights on the Past, Present and Future of Facilitation.

Kevin will look at where facilitation was at around the time of the forming of the International Association of Facilitators in 1994, to where it is now, and to where we see it going in the future. This will be a power-point free session engaging those attending in their experiences of facilitation.

Kevin designs and facilitates collaborative learning, planning and decision making processes to stimulate business innovation, improve team productivity, and increase coherence of purpose.

Kevin believes in an intrinsic sense of human effectiveness and seeks to impact an organisation’s ability and understanding of sustainable change, inclusive decision making and collaborative leadership practices.

In his primary roles of facilitator, trainer, consultant and coach, he employs collaborative process technologies called the Technology of Participation (ToP), pioneered over 50 years by the Institute of Cultural Affairs, an international network concerned with the development of social innovation methods for community and organizational development around the world.

As always, wine & cheese will be served to keep your creative juices flowing!

We open the doors at 5:30 pm for networking, ready for a 6 pm start, and finish with more networking at 7:30.

Once you arrive, mingle, grab a drink, some nibbles and then get settled for a fun and collaborative event.


ILP Meetups provide you with the opportunity to chat with industry peers about matters that are important to you while building your local L&D network.


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