Kaospilot Masterclass: Art & Craft of Designing & Facilitating Learning Spaces (Sydney)

This event has passed.

The Kaospilot Masterclass invites participants to explore, experience and be trained in the KAOSPILOT approach to designing and facilitating learning that inspires and promotes creativity, engagement, innovation and risk-taking in learning spaces.

During the Masterclass, participants will be introduced to the unique ‘opportunity based pedagogy’and competency model of the Kaospilots, which has been developed over 25 years from working with young dynamic learners and leaders and by exploring the potential in transformational education.

Participants will have the opportunity not only to talk about their ideas for pedagogical and methodological change, but also practice and develop them! Through imaginative interpretation, “hacking” and creative application of your curriculum, new pedagogical and methodological processes will be explored which will challenge and “reboot” approaches to learning and content delivery. You can read the full description here.

Bring your real projects and program challenges, your openness to unlearn and learn, your questions and imagination, your experience and your beginner’s mindset, your curiosity to connect and learn with others also seeking to transform education and learning.

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