Instructional Design Essentials – Melbourne

This event has passed.

Do you design learning experiences? Training room, online or onsite? You need quality materials and an engaging learning process, shaped by the best tools and theory of instructional design.

In this one day essentials course, you’ll learn how to analyse your context and how to engage adult learners in the light of adult learning principles. You’ll explore the impact of neuroscience and learner preferences and how to apply these ideas when designing your learning.

Learn the tools-of-the-trade that every instructional designer should know:

  1. How to write learning outcomes
  2. Storyboarding
  3. Learning architecture
  4. Chunking and sequencing
  5. Spacing and pacing
  6. Exercises and feedback
  7. Visual and graphic design

You will learn how to put those tools to work in instructional design models, the phases of a training project, and how to design for maximum retention and learning transfer.

If you’re new to instructional design or in need of a refresher to keep your skills current, then this course will equip you with flexible guidelines for designing effective learning experiences in training room, online and on-site environments.

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