Facilitation Skills Masterclass – Canberra

This event has passed.

Do you work with groups of people? Are meeting, strategic planning or change management part of your role? Are you involved in organisational development?

This MasterClass will develop your facilitation skills so that you can effectively prepare and carry out a range of processes to develop your people and business. You will learn how to establish the ground rules, engage the participants, keep things on track and deliver results.

You’ll fine tune the core skills of every good facilitator:

  1. Establishing the purpose
  2. Planning the process
  3. Creating the environment
  4. Warm ups and engagement techniques
  5. Managing challenging behaviours
  6. Changing directions mid process
  7. Asking great questions
  8. Classic facilitation exercises

Our top-tier facilitators will model best practice as you work your way through the learning process, engaging with the content and other participants, and reflecting on the content and experience as you go.

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