Extended DISC Accredited Practitioner

This event has passed.

ONLINE Webinar Extended DISC Accredited Practitioner

1 Day Workshop +

2 x 3-hour Webinar Sessions + Pre & Post Training Activities

You will spend a full day covering the background of the Extended DISC®model of human behaviour and looking closely at the 4 main behaviours. You will gain an understanding of how people are motivated; approach tasks and goals; experience stress; and are likely to communicate at work.

This one-day course will also explain how to debrief the Extended DISC Profiles and the diamond, and identify important ’emotions’ seen in graphs through the 10 special cases.

You will also learn about why Extended DISC®profiling is so commonly applied in the business environment and how easy the FinxS platform is to use in administering reports for yourself or for a client.

Facilitated by Sharon Hudon, Global Master Trainer

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