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The world of business has never been more volatile and unpredictable. Disruptive entrants to the market can appear anywhere and at any time, whilst employees are demanding more from their leaders and workplaces to support their engagement, well-being, growth and development.

Are you leading with a growth-focused mindset or are you stuck just trying to keep your head above water?

As managers and business leaders we can become so focused on keeping up that we have no time or head space to develop and grow our people, yet this is the only way to meet the demands of 21st century workplaces, marketplaces and the individuals that inhabit them.

It’s easy for leaders to buckle under this pressure and default to leading with; answers, directions and control, however a shift in leadership and management style is needed and needed now.


COACH to GROW can help!

This is the go to event for all HR, People & Culture, Learning & Development, Change Management Gurus and the managers and leaders that they support.

Gabby will share some of her leadership and learning philosophies and reveal to you some simple, yet powerful insights into coaching techniques you, your managers and your leaders can embed into everyday work practices, helping you to:

  • Adopt a growth-focused mindset
  • Help teams reach their full potential and
  • Achieve amazing people and business results

Our Keynote COACH to GROW Breakfast Event is powerfully insightful and collaboratively interactive. It will inspire you and your organisation to get started on your COACH to GROW journey.

With immersive and thought provoking content we’ll explore some coaching insights business leaders and managers can use in their everyday work practices.

These insights can help you to:

  • reduce stress and free up time
  • drive engagement and impact
  • increase active learning and innovation
  • develop and encourage your teams to flourish and thrive
  • create the time and space to do your own great work

Your COACH to GROW Speaker,

Gabby Hartin

Founding CEO, Higher Curve

COACH to GROW Creator:

Gabby has been unlocking the potential of growth focused humans for over 25 years across Corporate, SME, Government and Educational audiences. An internationally experienced consultant, educator, author and keynote speaker, Gabby is dedicated to enabling individuals, teams and organisations to greater performance levels through the power of consistent and sustained learning, change and growth.

Gabby is an engaging and creative speaker who challenges her audience to think deeply about their approaches to both life and work. Her events are always insightful, immersive, collaborative and fun!

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