Building a Learning Culture: Navigate. Build. Adapt. Thrive

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A learning culture is like a gyroscope that keeps an organisation aligned and responsive in a world of rapid change. For a company to compete effectively in today’s business environment its employees need to be adaptive, agile and curious so they can steer their organisation through turbulence and disruption. To achieve such an environment requires the combined efforts of a range of professionals. They must work together with leaders to create a learning culture that encourages employees, teams and the organisation to bring in knowledge from outside, rapidly share this and turn it into collective action. Join us and explore how to build and sustain a learning culture:

* Why learning culture is important
* The key elements of a learning culture
* Practical approaches to build and sustain a learning culture, drawing on evidence and case studies
* Overcoming some of the common challenges that prevent you building learning culture

This webinar is a free introduction to the “Building Learning Culture” program being run by Nigel and Michelle, with workshops in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland in August. The webinar is also a stand-alone learning experience – you should get actionable insights from the webinar even if you do not go on to complete the full program.

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