Beyond “one & done”. How to create learning campaigns

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The implementation of “one and done” training events are a fundamentally flawed approach to learning that is not just a waste of money but a poor business decision. Research shows that information is lost over time. Mastery of skills requires ongoing application, practice developing and integrating the skills and developing the knowledge of when to apply them.

The implementation of campaign learning, a progressive learning event with multiple points of contact over time, provides a more agile and effective approach to learning and development. Through the use of data and analytics, captured using xAPI learning statements, and incorporating next generation learning technology effective learning campaigns can be developed.

It involves planning a campaign around the organisation’s strategic objectives. From this a range of tools can be used to inspire, instruct and implement change. Then measure the impact in real-time, quickly and early, to deliver better learning, better outcomes and better returns.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How learning campaigns can improve your organisation’s learning performance.
  • How learning campaigns can be used to create a culture of continuous learning.
  • How xAPI learning data can be used to plan and measure learning campaigns .
  • Tools and technologies to implement learning campaigns .
  • About the Point of Contact Playbook to help develop an effective learning campaign .

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