Becoming a trusted HR / L&D Business Partner – add Design Thinking methodology to your toolkit!

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Business relies on us to assist them in building high performing teams and creating a culture of strong know-how and skills.
In order to achieve these critically important outcomes, we need to use every technique at our disposal to ensure that we design and deliver programs that matter, that engage and lead to changes in current competence and business application.

Design thinking or human centred design is one strategy that you could use to build credibility and deliver top results.

Join us in this webinar where we share with you:

• What is design thinking and how can it be applied to your role.
• Questioning and clarification techniques can you – change to you can – adopt to ensure that your brief is taken from a user or learner-centric position?
• Ways in which you can define the challenge or core problem that needs to be addressed.
• Techniques that you can apply to assist in the ideation of different options for the business.
• How your business could begin to prototype the options to re-examine and improve the solutions.

MCI makes use of design thinking principles in our instructional design process and we are keen to enable you to use these practical and impactful techniques in your own work context. It is up to us to shape great business outcomes and build a positive brand for learning.

Interestingly, research from Bersin by Deloitte indicates that L and D and HR have a negative net promotor score and many managers and employees have circumvented these areas of the organisation. This webinar provides you with the tips and techniques to once again be a trusted business partner!

Even if you cannot attend, please register to receive the recording.

We look forward to meeting you online.

Kind regards,
MCI Team

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