Become a Certified Shifting Gears to EPIC Leadership Facilitator

Join our 4 day Shifting Gears to EPIC Leadership facilitator certification program enabling you to deliver this innovative, game changing program in-house within your team and/or organisation or to your clients.

Shifting Gears to EPIC leadership is not your standard leadership development program. It is an immersive learning experience based on the latest research (not the latest fads) from the fields of Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Emotional & Conversational Intelligence, Mindfulness & Learning.

The program has been designed around the way the human brain works and is structured in a way that supports the various ways adults learn to ensure a positive, memorable learning experience for all. We even start the program by teaching participants how to learn, something that many courses and programs take for-granted but something that can have a huge impact on the success of the program. Learning how to learn and how we as facilitators can help people to learn more effectively is key to the success of any program we deliver and when we do it right, it results in improved learning transfer & knowledge retention and guarantees return on investment for individuals & organisations.

Participants in this leadership development program will step out of their comfort zone, peel back the layers and dig deep inside themselves as they explore the different competencies & traits of an EPIC leader.

What is an EPIC leader?

EPIC leaders are not average leaders, they are not great leaders, they are extraordinary leaders. They extend themselves beyond the usual or ordinary expectations of a leader and are always aiming to take their organisation and their team to the next level and people want to be a part of that, they want to be part of something bigger, that has meaning and purpose. They want to contribute and feel valued and that is what EPIC leaders do. They create the environment for others to thrive.

An EPIC leader is a leader who facilitates significant, sustainable and positive change in organisations, industries, cultures, communities & nations by guiding their teams to new ways of thinking, believing & behaving.

EPIC leaders are teachers, coaches, mentors, confidants and everything in between. They are also:

  • Empowering, Engaging, Empathetic & Emotionally Intelligent
  • Purpose-driven, Passionate, Proactive, Patient, Positive & Present
  • Inspiring, Intuitive, Innovative, Inquisitive, Interested, Intentional, Impactful & have unquestionable Integrity
  • Courageous, Coaches, Confident, Compassionate, Committed, Charismatic, Creative, Conversationally Intelligent, Consistent & have a ‘Can Do’ attitude.

What outcomes should you expect for your organisation or your clients from the program?

“Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. Its about one life influencing another”.….. John C. Maxwell

Participants who complete the Shifting Gears to EPIC Leadership program will:

  • Develop a growth mind-set
  • Become more self-aware of their emotions, actions & behaviours & the impact they have on others
  • Become more conversationally intelligent using the principles of Conversational Intelligence (CIQ) a neuroscience based conversational framework developed by the late Judith E. Glaser that enables individuals to build trust & achieve extraordinary results through the simple art of conversation
  • Set the benchmark that others will want to follow
  • Coach, mentor & empower others to high performance & help set them up for success
  • Inspire others to embrace change & deal with ambiguity in a positive & impactful way
  • and so much more…….

What do we cover in the Certification program?

In our 4 day facilitator certification program run as 2 x 2 day sessions with a month in between to help learning transfer & knowledge retention we will train you to become an EPIC facilitator of this incredible program.

You will learn how to facilitate a memorable experiential learning experience that will guide leaders at all levels through a series of modules and competencies that will help them unlock their full potential and turn them into EPIC leaders.

Warning: This program is not for the faint-hearted. There is a lot to cover but don’t worry we are not going to simply train you and then leave you on your own. We have put our heart, soul and a lot of blood, sweat and tears into developing this program so we will be with you every step of the way with post training support and ongoing professional development.

During this 4 day facilitator training, you will:

  • Learn the program including the science & research behind it
  • Learn how to help people learn which will take your facilitation skills to the next level
  • Experience & practice facilitating the program.
  • Learn tips, techniques & best practice around the artistry in training – teaching people how to learn
  • Learn how to market the program as a development tool within your organisation or to your clients.

A key focus of the certification training (apart from learning the content of the program) is on honing your skills as a facilitator to enable you to take your facilitation skills to the next level to ensure the success of this program .

‘Training is an art that develops over time, as life-experiences & knowledge influence trainers perceptions & behaviours. There are no one-time quick methods to gaining mastery as a trainer – but there is path of development, if adhered to, can lead to mastery’.……Dr Stephanie Burns, PhD.

Who is this certification training for?

This training is suitable for:

  • Experienced independent trainers
  • HR professionals with training experience
  • Learning & development professionals
  • Internal organisational trainers
  • Business owners who want to build EPIC teams
  • Leaders who want to unlock their teams full potential & transform them into EPIC leaders and an EPIC team

What you receive for your investment

  • 4 days face-to-face train the trainer program (2 x 2 days)
  • Shifting Gears to EPIC Leadership Facilitator toolkit containing everything you need to facilitate workshops in your organisation or to your clients: (i.e. Facilitator guide, Powerpoint slides, participant workbook in word format enabling you to re-print/co-brand etc. without further licencing fees being applied, SCORM compliant online training modules – This program can be delivered as a face-to-face learning experience, online/virtually or blended)
  • On-going post certification support including monthly coaching calls & quarterly webinars plus unlimited email / phone support (fair use policy applies)
  • Marketing tools & resources
  • A copy of Shifting Gears to EPIC Leadership book (due for release in March 2020)
  • A copy of Dr Stephanie Burns PhD book – Artistry in Training

PLEASE NOTE: We know the Shifting Gears to EPIC Leadership program is great. We have run several sessions all ready with awesome feedback but as this is our first certification program we want to get your feedback on the way we run the certification program which is why we are offering this 1st program at a significantly discounted rate and with no ongoing licence fees.

After this initial certification intake, the price of this train the trainer program increases to $25,000.00 plus licensing fees for delivery of the program itself.

RISK FREE TRAINING: Because this is our first certification program we are also offering you our 100% risk free training guarantee. If after the first day of the certification program you don’t believe the program is right for your or your organisation we will give you your money back!

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