eLearning project management: rocket science or common sense?

Looking_for_tools_to_help_you_run_your_own_elearning_projectsI was lucky enough to be exposed to some military precision project management in one of my very early jobs and it has served me well throughout my career.  Seeing even the most time critical, budget strapped projects run with successful outcomes made a huge impact on me back then and definitely shaped how I approach individual projects and my business as a whole even now over 20 years later.

There are many project management methodologies out there, some simple and some complex and over the last seven years we at The eLearning eXperts have created our own PM framework that suits our business.  This is a live model that we are constantly fine tuning, but the bones of it gives us and our clients a clear structure to operate within when working together.  Of course, there are always new and different things that crop up on every project to challenge us provide us with opportunities to learn and grow and when creating bespoke elearning solutions (which have so many moving parts) this is something we come to expect.  The difference between success and failure on those projects though comes down to having a set of tried and tested processes and support tools to guide us each step of  the way.


A project management framework is something that is essential to the everyday running of our business, but when creating eLearning in-house or running a project for the first time, it’s easy for teams to be focused on creating the learning solution without much thought to the process by which that solution will actually be designed, developed, tested and essentially brought to life. The key thing to consider when implementing a project management framework is that it must work for your project, your team and your organisation. If you need to have a resource working full-time to keep the project plan up to date then something’s wrong somewhere! The size and scope of your project will dictate what measures you need to put in place to manage your project, but try and keep it simple where you can and make it workable and flexible so that you can fine tune as you go if needed.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Rick Zanotti (@rickzanotti) and Dawn Mahoney (@dawnjmahoney ) on #eLearnChat to share my tips and advice around managing eLearning projects.  We lost audio on the recording when I was speaking about storyboarding so we re-recorded that segment which ran a few days later, but the two videos below will hopefully give you some good ideas for how to manage your own eLearning projects.  And if you’re interested in tapping into our PM model, there’s heaps of support resources available in our online store.

Enjoy the vids!

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