Susan Leslie

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Susan Leslie


Sue really enjoys chatting to people passionate about workplace learning – so much so – that she started a business LearningWise Consulting to help organisations and people develop modern workplace learning cultures.

A prolific learner, Sue is usually engaged in some online course or on some self-guided learning journey. She is also working on Developing You (a personal learning plan) – an ongoing project!

Sue has been involved in L&D for nearly 30 years, in corporate, vocational and higher education sectors. She is a social and collaborative learning advocate, and loves formats that enable this including – Working Out Loud, Appreciative Inquiry, Action Learning, World Café, Fishbowls – and their supporting online formats such as Slack, Yammer, blogs, etc.

Area of eXpertise

Adult learning, communication, language/literacy, developing performance and learning outcomes/competencies/capabilities, developing holistic assessments and feedback tools, workplace training & assesssment, progression of learning transfer, social collaboration & learning.


Sue likes all things outdoors – bushwalking, bush running, abseiling, scuba diving, camping and backpacking.

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