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Michelle Ockers


Michelle helps leaders to build a high impact Learning and Development function.  She is a strategist, mentor, facilitator, and speaker who believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and perform at their best.


Untapped potential in L&D is a lost opportunity in most organisations.  Michelle helps leaders to discover what is happening with learning in their organisation, and identify opportunities to improve results that really matter.  Using a range of research, tools and frameworks she guides leaders to define their strategy and implementation plan.


A modern L&D function requires a wide range of knowledge and skills.  Michelle builds the capability of L&D teams to deliver on their aspirations and meet the expectations of people in the digital era. Her approaches include assessment of L&D capability, identifying development pathways and facilitating workshops and learning experiences.

Michelle advocates Working Out Loud (WOL) and Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM) as core professional development practices. These practices have enabled her to build a powerful global network and stay abreast of developments in modern workplace learning.  Her contribution to the L&D profession was recognised by the AITD who named her as a finalist in the 2015 Learning and Development Professional of the Year.

Area of eXpertise

Learning and Development Strategy, Learning and Development Transformation, Modern Workplace Learning, Social Learning, Project Management.


Michelle is a Minimalist in development.

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