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24 06, 2015

How to become more confident in 2 minutes


Assertiveness has never been one of my strong points. Bossiness, yes - ask my husband and 5 year old. Over-zealousness, yes - ask any of my previous managers.  Drive, yes - ask my clients and project teams. But I’ve long struggled with being, what I consider to be, truly assertive because in some situations I [...]

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17 02, 2015

How well do you know your learners?


When was the last time you asked your learners what they want or what they need from their eLearning?  Many organisations carry out annual learning needs analysis surveys but in many cases these focus on skills gaps and don't take into account other information which could feed into the instructional design process and ultimately help to increase learner [...]

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10 12, 2014

eLearning project management: rocket science or common sense?


I was lucky enough to be exposed to some military precision project management in one of my very early jobs and it has served me well throughout my career.  Seeing even the most time critical, budget strapped projects run with successful outcomes made a huge impact on me back then and definitely shaped how I [...]

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19 11, 2014

Need help getting started with gamification?


Recently I received a very excited phone call from my good friend and colleague Dr Melissa Bordogna, squealing with delight about a really cool resource she had just found online.  Fast forward a few weeks and now that I am in possession of said resource and had a little time to play with it myself, I [...]

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4 09, 2013

5 top tips for engaging elearners


Until today, this article was one of our free downloads but we're feeling like we want to share the love a bit more so decided to make it into a blog post that everyone can see.  Happy reading! :) **********  eLearning has developed a reputation for being boring over recent years and that is mostly [...]

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6 08, 2013

How to measure elearning success


When we opened up our online eLearning Success Clinic a few months ago one of of the first questions we received was "how do you measure the success of elearning projects?" It's an interesting question and one that there are lots of different answers for, depending on your school of thought. In the video below, [...]

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4 06, 2013

6 steps to creating award-winning eLearning programs


A couple of weeks ago we were thrilled to get the news that The eLearning eXperts have won the “Best Instructional Designer” award for the fourth consecutive year at the LearnX Asia Pacific Technology Impact Awards!  Obviously we’re proud of our achievements and the work that we do, so are very happy to be top [...]

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9 05, 2013

The breeding ground for bad instructional design


In this age of technology where things are getting smaller, faster and cheaper by the second, organisations are becoming more demanding of their L&D functions. It has always been the case that our clients want top quality for little money in a short space of time, but this expectation has become over-inflated in recent years.  [...]

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3 04, 2013

A quick reference guide to creating quick reference guides


I'm working on a little project at the moment which involves converting a face-to-face course into elearning. Rather than convert all of the course content into elearning we decided to keep the elearning duration to a minimum and provide learners with support resources they could refer to on demand via the intranet.  One piece of [...]

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4 03, 2013

A lesson in instructional design from a two-year-old


Being a Mum is one of the most challenging and rewarding learning journeys I have undertaken in my life so far, particularly at the moment because about two weeks ago my son learned the word "why?". I knew this time would come and it is exactly as I imagined it would be; creative, frustrating, mentally [...]

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