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3 03, 2016

How to write assessment questions that don’t suck


GUEST POST BY NATASHA REDDROP Everyone knows that writing interactive eLearning questions, and especially assessment questions, can be a bit of a strain. It’s difficult to come up with questions that can easily be answered in an eLearning format, i.e. that are simply and objectively right or wrong, with no need for an instructor to [...]

How to write assessment questions that don’t suck2017-08-18T23:26:06+10:00
25 02, 2016

More L&D trends for 2016!


We are always looking to the future. What’s next? What’s going to be hot this year? How can we do things better? When researching for this post I found articles predicting learning trends for 2016 going back as early as April 2015 - now that’s what I call forward thinking! In my never-ending quest to [...]

More L&D trends for 2016!2017-08-18T23:26:06+10:00
18 02, 2016

Is it time to stop polishing?


Ahhhh, the internet. With the abundance of free information provided online, social learning opportunities are becoming far more prevalent and I find myself in a quandary over the content I am now producing for my “new look” business. You see, I live in two worlds with regard to my work. The first world is where [...]

Is it time to stop polishing?2017-08-18T23:26:06+10:00
9 02, 2016

How to write like a human, not like a robot


Guest post by Natasha Reddrop One of the big challenges in writing any kind of learning material is taking ‘official’, corporate-sounding language and turning it into language that people actually want to read that will help them to learn. Maybe you are given a policy document, or a bunch of PowerPoint slides put together by the [...]

How to write like a human, not like a robot2017-08-18T23:26:06+10:00
1 02, 2016

Rapid eLearning development in the real world


Guest post by Kyle Young “I’ve never been a fan of the whole “rapid eLearning” movement because I just feel that the minute you start speeding up this process you lose something in the value of what you are doing.” Karen’s recent quote got me wondering if this view might be a shared view amongst [...]

Rapid eLearning development in the real world2017-08-18T23:26:07+10:00
21 12, 2015

Where is eLearning going in 2016?


So, the big question… What’s next for eLearning in 2016? I’ve had the opportunity recently to interview some well-respected voices in the Australian learning industry, so rather than just rant on about my views (for a change!) I thought I’d ask them what they think… Well, I've said it before on [...]

Where is eLearning going in 2016?2017-08-18T23:26:07+10:00
13 12, 2015

Are style guides killing your creativity?


eLearning has seen so many changes in the style and methodology of what we create and how we create it over the years. But as the technology advances is our creativity as instructional designers being stifled by the need for internal branding within online courses? eLearning advancement – My story I remember on one project [...]

Are style guides killing your creativity?2017-08-18T23:26:07+10:00
9 12, 2015

How to avoid chaos and manage live online discussions smoothly


I began my career as a technology trainer in the 90’s, so the idea of using technology to teach, rather than teaching about technology felt like a natural progression for me. I know it’s not like that for everyone. In fact, it can feel quite daunting for many. But once you know how, you can [...]

How to avoid chaos and manage live online discussions smoothly2017-08-18T23:26:07+10:00
17 11, 2015

This article has really got under my skin


Extract from “Planning eLearning in 2016: Influential Trends in Online Training” I read it, then I read it again. And I think I was more annoyed the second time around. This is what I’m talking about: Automation in eLearning Course Development Right now, elearning design and creation is still a very [...]

This article has really got under my skin2017-08-18T23:26:07+10:00
12 11, 2015

The secret to stakeholder management


It’s one of the hardest things to manage. And it can be the difference between success and failure on a project. Whether you’re dealing with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), steering committees, exec boards, investors or clients, they all have the ability to throw you a curve ball when you least expect it. Or be unavailable [...]

The secret to stakeholder management2017-08-18T23:26:07+10:00