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31 08, 2016

Looking for New Ways to Engage Learners? Try Kahooting.


Author: Karen Moloney Yes, it’s true. According to the New York Times, Kahooting is actually a word! But what does it mean? I found out a few weeks ago when I attended a presentation on BYODD (Bring Your Own Designated Device) at my son’s school. Part of the session involved teachers showing how they were using kids [...]

Looking for New Ways to Engage Learners? Try Kahooting.2017-08-18T23:26:04+10:00
11 08, 2016

How to Use Email Autoresponders for Microlearning


Author: Karen Moloney I’m finding it more and more interesting how much the disciplines of marketing and learning are starting to intersect. This is especially so now that we are working more with digital media and social platforms for learning, so it makes sense to explore more about how marketers engage their target audiences and [...]

How to Use Email Autoresponders for Microlearning2017-08-18T23:26:05+10:00
9 12, 2015

How to avoid chaos and manage live online discussions smoothly


I began my career as a technology trainer in the 90’s, so the idea of using technology to teach, rather than teaching about technology felt like a natural progression for me. I know it’s not like that for everyone. In fact, it can feel quite daunting for many. But once you know how, you can [...]

How to avoid chaos and manage live online discussions smoothly2017-08-18T23:26:07+10:00
10 12, 2014

eLearning project management: rocket science or common sense?


I was lucky enough to be exposed to some military precision project management in one of my very early jobs and it has served me well throughout my career.  Seeing even the most time critical, budget strapped projects run with successful outcomes made a huge impact on me back then and definitely shaped how I [...]

eLearning project management: rocket science or common sense?2017-08-18T23:26:07+10:00
19 11, 2014

Need help getting started with gamification?


Recently I received a very excited phone call from my good friend and colleague Dr Melissa Bordogna, squealing with delight about a really cool resource she had just found online.  Fast forward a few weeks and now that I am in possession of said resource and had a little time to play with it myself, I [...]

Need help getting started with gamification?2017-08-18T23:26:08+10:00
19 02, 2013

Top 3 time-saving eLearning resources


I don't know anyone who can tell me they have enought time to do everything they want to in a day and elearning professionals are no different.  We're mostly working to someone else's (unrealistic) deadlines, we often perform multiple roles on projects and are expected to keep up with all the trends and happenings in [...]

Top 3 time-saving eLearning resources2017-08-18T23:26:08+10:00