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  • The L&D Global Sentiment Survey 2018

    Overview: The L&D Global Sentiment Survey takes the pulse of the L&D community world-wide, annually. The one-minute, one-question online poll asks L&D professionals internationally what they think will be hot in the following year. In 2014 ‘mobile learning’ topped the poll. In 2015 and 2016, ‘collaborative learning’ was first. In 2017 and 2018, it was the turn of ‘personalization/adaptive delivery’. The question is always the same format: “What will be hot in workplace L&D in [this year]?” and participants are asked to choose what they think will be hot, not what should be hot. Over 1,000 people from 47 countries voted in 2018. Each person votes for up to 3 of 15 options, presented in random order. There is, in addition, an ‘Other’ option, where respondents can suggest what they think the survey is missing. Aggregated, and examined over time, these answers provide a fascinating look at trends in what people in L&D are thinking – and reveal more than many people might imagine.

    Date: June 2018

    Author: Donald Taylor

  • 2018 Workplace Learning Report

    Overview: A survey of approximately 4,000 professionals globally on LinkedIn with the goal of providing a holistic view of modern workplace learning.

    Date: June 2018

    Author: LinkedIn

  • Internet Trends 2018

    Overview: Summary of global internet trends and their impact

    Date: May 2018

    Author: Mary Meeker

  • 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

    Overview: “Rewriting the rules for the digital age.” Organizations face a radically shifting context for the workforce, the workplace, and the world of work. Our survey of more than 10,000 business and HR leaders from 140 countries reveals 10 areas for businesses to focus on to better organize, manage, develop, and align people at work.

    Date: 2017

    Author: Deloitte

  • Internet Trends 2017

    Overview: Summary of global internet trends and their impact

    Date: May 2017

    Author: Mary Meeker

  • Learning Transfer Research 2017: Insights for Impact

    Overview: Discover what’s happening for Learning & Development professionals right now in organisations around the world and understand how it relates to your initiatives. Learn what organisations expect of their L&D teams and what this means for you, discover the key learning transfer trends experienced by organisations around the globe, learn how your region compares to others.

    Date: May 2017

    Author: Lever – Transfer of Learning & Lentum Ltd

  • Towards Maturity Annual Benchmark Studies

    Overview: The Towards Maturity Benchmark Studies are internationally recognised longitudinal studies on the effective implementation of learning innovation based on the input of 5,000+ participants and 25,000 learners gathered since 2003. Towards Maturity continuously surveys and studies how people learn at work and the impact this has on organisational performance. By turning data into insights and insights into action, this research is used to help L&D leaders assess and improve the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of their learning provision. Go to Resources > Library to see all the reports on offer.

    Date: Various

    Author: Towards Maturity

  • The Future of Jobs

    Overview: Employment, skills and workforce strategy for the fourth industrial revolution

    Date: January 2016

    Author: World Economic Forum

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