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Regular podcasts to delight your ears and help you stay in touch with L&D industry news, trends and people

  • 5 Trainers in a Car

    About: 5 Trainers in a Car is an L&D podcast focused on a variety of topics with a variety of trainers. What happens when a bunch of us get in a car and start talking? Well, fascinating conversations, practical information, and a lot of fun.

    Host: thebackstoryproject.com

  • CIPD Podcast Series

    About: Since the series began hundreds of people have taken a turn in the podcast hot seat and we have charted the ebb and flow of an HR profession that’s fast-evolving into a 21st century powerhouse.

    Host: Various from CIPD

  • GoodPractice Podcast

    About: The GoodPractice podcast is a must-listen for anyone involved in Learning and Development or Human Resources. The weekly show, featuring regular appearances from members of the GoodPractice team, plus the occasional special guest, gets right to the heart of issues affecting the L&D and HR communities. From learning needs analysis and evidence-based practice through to the impact of technology on work and hot topics at industry conferences, get critical insights into the world of work, learning and performance.

    Host(s): Ross Garner, Owen Ferguson

  • HR Happy Hour

    About: HR Happy Hour, the longest running and top downloaded HR podcast, focuses on human resources, management, leadership, and workforce technology. The show is hosted by Steve Boese, the Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference, Trish McFarlane, a Human Resources Executive, and writer/speaker on HR and workplace topics.

    Host: Steve Boese

  • Learning Uncut

    About: Karen and Michelle talk about real learning solutions with the people who made them work. The podcast showcases the great work being done by learning professionals in Australia and New Zealand. Each episode focuses on a project or approach, exploring the why, what and how of the initiative. With technical support from Amanda Ashby, episodes and show notes are published fortnightly on Tuesday from 12 June 2018. Join the conversation at #LearningUncut on Twitter or LinkedIn.

    Host: Michelle Ockers & Karen Moloney

  • LearningNow.tv

    About: LEARNING NOW TV is a live-streamed Internet tv channel bringing you inspirational interviews, discussions, and practical advice and guidance on real-world issues to keep you up-to-date in the world of corporate learning and performance. Membership to the channel is FREE. You will be able to interact with us on our social channel during the live stream as well as having an on-demand resource of the recorded programmes (this podcast) to refer to throughout the year. We have over 200 individual items in the on-demand library already! Learning Now TV is produced by some of the L&D world’s leading authorities who have many years’ experience of reporting the real-world issues for today’s learning and performance professionals.

    Host: Various

  • Learning While Working

    About: The Learning While Working podcast is a Sprout Labs production. Our podcast is a mixture of interviews and discussions in which we deal with a variety of topics around workplace learning, capability development, training, and the use of digital and eLearning.

    Host: Robin Petterd

  • Meet the Education Researcher

    About: Meet the Education Researcher will feature short interviews with current and past staff as well as visiting scholars to talk about their current reading, writing and thinking. Professor Neil Selwyn says “this is part of wider efforts to make the research culture of the Faculty of Education at Monash University more visible and vibrant – we’re all doing interesting research work, but rarely get an opportunity to talk with each other about it!”

    Host: Various, Monash University

  • Talking People & Tech

    About: Digital disruption is upending business models and changing the world of work as we know it.  And with a multi-generational and multi-cultural workforce, every organization must anticipate employee’s changing expectations. The Future of Work is not some distant concept. The Future of Work is now! Join us for great HR conversations covering themes like HR Technology, Shaping the Future of Work, Talent Management and Consumer technology.

    Hosts: David Guazzarotto & Jared Cameron

  • TD Podcasts from ATD

    About: Access many of the articles from TDmagazine, The Public Manager, and Learning Executive Briefing—along with education content—as podcasts.  Available anytime, anywhere …. keep learning a part of your everyday routine.

    Host: Various

  • The eLearning Coach

    About: The eLearning Coach podcast interviews authors, experts and people who are doing interesting things that are related to our field in some way or another.

    Host: Connie Malamed

  • Trainer Tools

    About: The concept of Trainer Tools is simple: to share effective training tools and tips across the training community in order to make all of us into more effective learning and development professionals. We believe that this will raise the quality of training within the professional environment and therefore benefit the entire profession of workplace learning and development. In each Trainer Tools podcast, we interview an experienced trainer and asks them to share a particular tool, tip or other content that can be of practical use to the learning and development community. Podcasts are released twice a month, on the 10th and 25th (except 10th August and 25th December).

    Host: John Tomlinson

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