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  • Chief Learning Officer

    About: Chief Learning Officer is a multimedia publication focused on the importance, benefits and advancements of a properly trained workforce. Our award-winning content caters specifically to executives in the enterprise learning market.

    Format:  Digital

    Cost: FREE

  • EdSurge News

    About: Must-know news, insights and opinions at the juncture of education and technology. Focus on K-12 and Higher Ed.

    Format: Digital

    Cost: FREE

  • EduGrowth: EdTech Daily

    About: Global EdTech news delivered daily at 8am

    Format: Digital

    Cost: FREE

  • eLearn Magazine

    About: eLearn Magazine seeks to be the place where practice informs research and research informs practice. eLearn Magazineengages a broad set of readers to include readers interested in eLearning in higher education, K-12 educators (those interested in k-12 blended and online learning), corporate, government, not-for-profit, and non-profit. eLearn Magazineprovides content for these audiences by publishing articles in specific context areas as well as content that is more general such as management, instructional design, emerging technologies, and instructor development. We envision eLearn as one of the primary sources of information on the uses of online learning strategies in a variety of contexts for a variety of audiences.

    Format: Digital

    Cost: FREE

  • eLearning! Magazine

    About: Elearning! Magazine helps executives build smarter organizations via learning and workplace technology. We provide executives the roadmap for improving enterprise, partner and employee performance. Our audience sees, shares and collaborates on industry best practices, technologies, and processes. Elearning! Magazine’s award-winning editorial team addresses how to build real returns on learning investments via real-world case studies, how-to article and industry research. Elearning! Magazine helps executives build smarter organizations.

    Format: Digital

    Cost: FREE – registration and login required

  • Leadership HQ Magazine

    About: Each issue takes a look at leadership from a different perspective giving you unique views and insights into how you can be a better leader, create a more cohesive team and build that team for the future of your organisation. At LeadershipHQ we recognise that there is leadership potential in everyone – and the LeadershipHQ magazine helps every leader, from the emerging to the established, by inspired to be the leader they need to be. Each quarter the LeadershipHQ magazine profiles an expert in leadership, helping you to learn from their experience, and often their mistakes. With insights and practical tips, organisational culture cues and inspirational articles, the LeadershipHQ magazine allows every leader to develop their skills and their team.

    Format: Digital

    Cost: $19.95/year

  • Learning Solutions Magazine

    About: Learning Solutions Magazine, a publication of The eLearning Guild since 2002, is the eLearning industry’s oldest and most trusted source for practical information on the strategies, tools, technologies, services, and best practices for the management, design, development, and implementation of enterprise-wide eLearning programs. Learning Solutions Magazine offers in-depth content that you can use with confidence while making critical decisions to ensure your organization’s success with eLearning.

    Format: Digital

    Cost: FREE

  • McKinsey & Company Quarterly

    About: The Quarterly combines powerful insights from McKinsey with ideas from other world-leading experts and practitioners to help readers stay at the cutting edge of management thought, become more effective leaders, and boost the performance of their organizations. Our content is relevant for senior executives regardless of industry, functional role, or geography. Explore our latest thinking, review recent issues, and survey enduring insights on topics ranging from innovation and growth to change management.

    Format: Digital (with email alerts for new content)

    Cost: FREE

  • Modern Workplace Learning

    About: Modern Workplace Learning Magazine is a new online publication that focuses on helping L&D departments do things differently and do different things in order to provide an effective service for today’s workforce.  The articles will build a body of knowledge, experience and know-how for enabling and supporting learning in the modern workplace.

    Format: Digital

    Cost: FREE

  • Training & Development Magazine

    About: A full-colour, bimonthly feature publication packed with cutting edge articles, case studies, reviews, industry news and the latest on AITD membership and events. Training and Development is published in February, April, June, August, October and December each year.

    Format: Print

    Cost: FREE with AITD membership, $135/year (within Australia), $165/year (overseas)

  • Training Industry Magazine

    About: Training Industry is the most trusted source of information on the business of learning.  On our website, TrainingIndustry.com; in Training Industry Magazine; and in our webinars, events and continuing professional development opportunities, we focus on the professional needs of the learning professional. Our aim is to provide the information, insights and resources needed to more effectively manage the business of learning.  We serve as an expert resource for learning professionals seeking information about best practices and innovative approaches and create an environment for trust and information sharing among learning professionals, including those in the learning and development function, and experts from companies serving the training industry.

    Format: Digital & print

    Cost: FREE for digital, PAID for print through MagCloud

  • Training Magazine

    About: Training magazine is a 50-year-old professional development magazine that advocates training and workforce development as a business tool. The magazine delves into management issues such as leadership and succession planning, HR issues such as recruitment and retention, and training issues such as learning theory, on-the-job skills assessments and aligning core workforce competencies to enhance the bottom line impact of training and development programs. Written for training, human resources and business management professionals in all industries, Training combines a paid circulation with qualified, controlled recipients to deliver the strongest circulation in the market.

    Format:  Digital & Print

    Cost: FREE for digital, PAID for print (outside the US)

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