A collection of the best learning
& development blogs around.

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  • Allen Interactions

    eLearning Leadership Blog

    Author: Allen Interactions

  • Cathy Moore

    Lets save the world from boring training!

    Author: Cathy Moore

  • Elearner Engaged

    Tips for creating engaging eLearning

    Author: Anna Sabramowicz

  • E-Learning Provocateur

    Provoking deeper thinking around eLearning and learning in general

    Author: Ryan Tracey

  • Learn Geek

    Tips and musings on all things learning

    Author: JD Dillon

  • Learning in the Modern Workplace

    Jane Hart’s blog on modernising workplace learning

    Author: Jane Hart

  • Learning Rebels

    Fighting the good fight against learning mediocrity in the workplace

    Author: Shannon Tipton

  • SH!FT Disruptive Elearning

    Our blog provides the latest best practices, tips, insights and thought leadership on modern corporate training, eLearning and mLearning.

    Author: SH!FT Disruptive Elearning

  • Sprout Labs

    Tips and discussion around improving workplace learning

    Author: Robin Petterd

  • Stephen Downes

    A blog about knowledge, learning and community

    Author: Stephen Downes

  • The eLearning Coach

    Helping you design smarter learning experiences

    Author: Connie Malamed

  • The Rapid E-Learning Blog

    eLearning resources & examples for success

    Author: Tom Kuhlmann

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