Are you designing a good course or the right course?


A common trap learning designers can fall into when creating solutions – and elearning solutions in particular – is designing a good course, but not the right course.

We have access to a vast array of tools and creative ways to help people learn but what’s often missing in the design of effective learning solutions is the part where we really dig into the needs of the business and learner to design the right course that will achieve outcomes for both.

This has been the subject of many conversations I’ve had with Guroo Producer Founder and CEO Josh Humphries.

Josh has always been very passionate about this topic, even before he started his own learning solutions business.  After several years of work, he has developed a proven learning program design methodology that combines elements of design thinking, journey mapping and user experience design.

In this #AskLeX video, Josh talks us through:

  • the main elements of the methodology
  • benefits of the process for learners, the business and learning solution designers
  • tips when doing this for the first time.

In the spirit of working out loud and contributing to the development of the L&D profession, Josh and his team have created The Learning Canvas Toolkit which gives you everything you need to run your own learning design workshop and start using this methodology in your workplace today.

Watch the video and download your FREE toolkit below.