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Welcome to the Learning
Uncut Podcast

What’s Learning Uncut all about?

Real conversations about real learning solutions and real experiences with
real advice from real people.

We’re all about keeping it “real.”

What our listeners are saying…

“I am regular listener of the learning uncut podcast and love the content you and Michelle are putting out there. Some great stories and insights on how L&D in making a difference in businesses performance and learning culture.”
“The Learning Uncut podcasts are great. I like the range of guests and topics. The ideas and discussions are contemporary and help me reflect on my work practice. The duration is just right, I usually listen in 2 halves. Love your work!”
“Outstanding! Can’t wait to listen as these podcasts are always innovative and transformative! Thanks for publishing!”
“I took the opportunity to listen to this podcast on the way to work this morning. True brilliance & inspirational.”
“I always look forward to these episodes, but this one has really got me counting down the days.”
“Thanks, this was an enjoyable listen. “Training is for dogs and babies” had me laugh out loud (in a library, unfortunately!)”
“That was a great podcast. Finding emerging ideas and inspiration outside of L&D industry to provide interaction variety is definitely key to prevent stagnation.”
“Want some L&D inspo in your ears this morning? Jump onto the #LearningUncut podcast with Michelle Ockers and Karen Moloney.”
“It’s true…they do keep it real! The great thing about this podcast is the guests are talking about why, what and how they have implemented great learning experiences or strategies rather than how you might be able to. You can just be inspired by their journeys and work out what you might take from each of them for yourself. The hosts are obviously skilled and knowledgeable L&D practitioners in their own right, so the conversations hit the right notes.”
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Our approach

Meet the Learning Uncut Crew

Photo of Karen Moloney
Photo of Karen Moloney
Photo of Michelle Ockers

Why we started Learning Uncut…

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Would you like to be featured on Learning Uncut?

We are always looking for interesting and innovative learning solution stories to share with our audience. We talk to learning professionals in Australia and New Zealand about work they have been involved within the last 18 months. If you have a project you would like feature, please complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch to discuss it with you.

What our guests are saying…

“I enjoyed thinking about what I wanted to share, and what people may be most interested in. I also enjoyed the recording experience, the questions that were asked, and how well it was run by Karen and Michelle, and Amanda behind the scenes.”
Justine Jardine
“The Learning Uncut team of Michelle, Karen & Amanda are amazing people and talented L&D professionals. They are future focused, intelligent and passionate about supporting learning and performance. If you’ve been asked to be on their fantastic show stop reading this and say yes already!”
Arun Pradhan
“Do it, the learning uncut team will make you sound super smart!”
Nic Barry
“The process of refining the content prior to the episode helped with reflecting on the project Michelle, Karen and Amanda made the process flow with a nice balance of structured support and flexibility. The experience of being a guest on Learning Uncut was pleasurable, enlightening and formative. I would recommend it to any L&D professional looking to both contribute and receive insights into our work.”
Jem Mills
“It’s great to be able to share ideas and some ‘war’ stories with this wonderful community.  Why should we be stuck in the same way of doing things, when we can certainly be innovative and think beyond what we usually develop and deliver?!”
Denise Meyerson
“Go for it! It’s a great experience and the team are exceptionally supportive.”
Emelia Winter
“It was so easy and comfortable. The pre-interview information and discussion was comprehensive and helped me understand the podcast and the angle. I also enjoyed the conversational nature of the interview and the online format suited me well.”
David Keegan
“It’s just like having a normal conversation with Michelle and Karen asking ‘on point’ questions to engage and enable learning & reflection for listeners and you.”
Marie Daniels
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