5 top tips for engaging elearners

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 eLearning has developed a reputation for being boring over recent years and that is mostly due to the fact that many courses are just death-by-PowerPoint with a Next button and assessment bolted on. We need to put ourselves in the shoes of the learner and be more creative with how we engage our target audience so here’s five of our top tips to get you started.

  1. Carry out extensive learner profiling prior to commencing any design work. Get to know your learners, what they like and what motivates them as this will give you a wider scope of ideas to incorporate into your solutions.
  2. Don’t just include interactions for the sake of breaking up content. If you feel you have to do that then maybe you have too much content in one chunk and it could be broken down further into smaller topics. Always ask the question “what value is this adding to the learning experience?”
  3. Wherever possible, stay as true as you can to case study material and avoid using dummy names like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. While people understand that names have to be changed to protect the innocent, using dummy names like these will detract from the authenticity of material and switch your learners off.
  4. Don’t deliver all the content in the elearning module, just stick to core messages. Get learners to research information for themselves online or on an intranet, provide PDF downloads with heavy content so they can print and read offline, record some podcasts/audio bytes – just remember that content doesn’t have to be delivered as text on screen.
  5. Avoid having audio narration exactly the same as text on screen. When a learner is presented with text they will have read it all before the narrator can speak it all and are disengaged before they can move on to the next screen. Provide options for Closed Captions to display for those who want/need the full transcript and stick to text that supports key messages on screen.

Have you got any tips you want to share with us?


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